The Rich Trip

Chapter six | Part II – Camp


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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction
A fictional description of a true story.

Previously on The Rich Trip…
– Salsa workshop took place in the basketball court

– Jake was Rose’s dance partner and Damon was mine
– Jake liked Rose, I liked Damon

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Chapter Six

Didn’t fall, tripped

Last seen: Walking back after the salsa workshop for dinner.

What was that smell? Was that fish? Eww. I didn’t mind sitting at a table with people having cooked fish. I was used to it by now. The stink of the fish was usually buried by the flavours of its gravy. However, the odour of the fish being cooked, like at that moment, that smell was just- just- so yuck.

We left the warmth of the basketball court (where the salsa workshop happened) and had strolled into the chilly yet brightly sunlit night. It was 9 PM (The sun sets at 2 AM). We were just outside the dining hall. Damon, Amby, Kay and I were a step behind Rose and Jake.

“Yeah, it’s called Glasmästarsill. So Rich, sorry but maybe just some salad or potato for you (Vegetarian woes).” Rose confirmed that reek. “It’s a traditional Swedish-style preparation of pickled herring. I’ve had it countless times. You will love it, I’m sure.”

She might as well had spoken in Finnish because nobody spoke again. Except for Jake. He looked Taken. It was hard to tell whether he was really listening or just nodding. Huh, guys do that.

“I like him,” Rose blushed.

“Aww. I can see that! So Rose… tell me.”

“We just… we melted to the tunes of salsa. It felt like- like I knew him for years. You know that feeling when we think things are falling apart and then they suddenly fall together? And did you see the body on that boy? Oh… My… God. That’s what I was telling Amby when I tapped him today. This seems unreal. I can’t believe it is happening… don’t you see? Why did our numbers match today for salsa as dance partners? Something somewhere… clicked.”

“Aw Rose, he surely has a crush on you. I can say that from the way he looked at you while dancing in the court, walking back to the dining hall, listening to you excitedly talk about that fish. And it goes without saying that I’m happy for you.”


“Err… the thing is… When you tapped him today, are you sure he noticed you?”

“Oh!,” she smilingly rolled her eyes, “I know he looked at Amby first. I know what you are thinking. Stop being so crazy, Richa,” she laughed again and waved carelessly. “Come on, he is Jake from Italy. Not Jack from Titanic. We are in a camp in Sweden, not sinking in the goddam Titanic. I’m not Rose Dawson!”

“Err… but?”

“My God. Don’t put your little mind through such trouble. This camp is so short, this life is so short. Why regret anything?” She went on, “You’re sweet but I’m a big girl and I’ll be fine. We have a crush on each other, that’s all. Not like some Romeo-Juliet mad love story. You Indians are… I don’t know what you think. Chill, man.”

She was sprawled across her bed, absently twirling her hair. Her flawless innocence magnified the romantic aura of the room. I was wondering whether I should tell her about what Damon had asked me during salsa about Jake being interested in Amby. That was before the salsa workshop. I didn’t feel like popping her dream bubble yet. I wanted to believe that Jake did like her. Oh, and the hot bod did add more points. There was some magic in this ‘liking’ phase. I did not lie about Jake crushing on her. His face was clearly readable that night. He was smitten.

“Rich, I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Jake. He will either be a mistake or a memory. As simple as that.”


“But this camp isn’t forever”

“You know what? You are so right. Why regret? I’m sorry I just… This camp will be so dull if your mood is off. Don’t do something silly, okay?”

“Even if I do-” she paused and then her cheery tone became serious “You don’t take that stupidity seriously. I know I won’t. Nobody can dare spoil my mood!”

Rose leapt from the bed and engulfed me in a hug.

I had magnified Candida’s divorce and now Rose’s crush. Maybe Jake and Rose were on the same page.
I was having trouble reading that page.

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. In case if you are not happy with the content and/or the images here, please write to me at

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Chapter Seven: Sunken Ship Back To Land

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