The Rich Trip

Chapter Three | Part II – Camp

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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction: A fictional description of a true story.

– Met Rosemary (Rose), the roommate from Finland

Eager to check out her tempting desserts (guys) before I can reveal mine
Rose was why I did not fear being lonely or homesick in the home-away-from-home. 

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Chapter Three

Desserts: For All Moods Of A Woman

The food was edible and I was grateful. That’s that. I did not want to think more about food. It didn’t matter so much now. I had company – A vegetarian who ate fish. But still… Rose was there. She would certainly find something aptly hilarious about it. We could simply laugh it off.

Ambrosia was not hard to spot. She looked utterly ravishing in a gorgeous yellow sundress. It had blue flowers on it. The dress showed off her subtle curves. She should not take the flag colours so seriously, I chuckled. Amby lined up in the buffet queue with a plate in her hand. She giggled at something another girl in the queue said. Next to her, a few metres away from the queue, stood a fair girl with light brown hair. They were tied carelessly in a bun. Probably her roommate, I guessed. As tall and as slim as her. But, not That obviously stunning. She wore a navy-blue tank top and taupe coloured hot-shorts. Her cream-coloured scarf matched the colour of the plate she was staring at. 

Rose asked Amby to save us a seat. If I look from the door, tables were close to each other, split into 3 rows x 2 columns. Amby, Rose, the lost girl and I sat at a table.  We were at the nearest one to the buffet. It touched the window. That made it the farthest from the door.  

Amby hungrily dove into her pasta. She smiled at the first bite, “Wow, dad was right. The food here is so tasty, isn’t it? Guys, this is Kaelynn from Germany – Kay. She is my roommate.”

“Oh yes! This is the best free food ever,” Rose said with a mouthful, “Hi Kay! Me Rose and this is Richa from India. Rich is not much of a food-person though. She likes desserts more.” 

Before I could respond to her wink, Amby waved to me, “Hi Rich. Sorry, some bad news for you, the desserts are not that great. I just saw some. But Rose, they looked better than that awful raspberry custard we had in Virginia. Remember?”

Rose shuddered at the memory and said, “Oh yeah, right. It made me want to puke. But no, there are more desserts here. Right, Rich?”

I smiled shyly and shook my head. 

Rose teasing me felt like I belonged there. Like I was a part of something. I was not ‘alone’ anymore. I wanted to hug her right there. She was somebody I was going to enjoy with, I agreed. 

Amby looked from me to her, wondering and waiting. Rose answered her unasked question, “So, you see that dude in the FCB jersey?”

Realisation dawned on Amby as soon as the words were spoken. 

“Ah, those desserts,” Amby teased, “That FCB dude is a tough catch though, and honestly, a bit overrated. He is Stefan from Macedonia. Almost all girls are eyeing him from the moment he walked in.”

Rose acted like her heart was broken. “But- but- he was my love-at-first-sight.” She laughed and nudged Amby playfully, “He would be an easy catch for you though. Any guy would be.”

“Oh, shut up Rose,” said Amby while shaking her head. “Stop laughing now and get up. Let’s go get some garlic bread. Do you guys want anything?”

Rose was still laughing as she got up from her seat. Amby tugged at her arm. 

I was jealous of their friendship. Yeah, stupid of me… I didn’t even know them. Still, that fun, that carefree laughter, it was envious. And suddenly, I was glad that Rose was MY roommate and not hers. Amby’s roommate had not even looked at the FCB dude. She did smile a little when Rose laughed idiotically. 

“Hi, Kay.” 

I hoped that like Candida and Rose, she would make that awkwardness disappear too. However, I wasn’t so blessed here. She didn’t even say hi. Just smiled back. We continued to eat in silence. Somehow, I liked this feeling. It made me feel calm. I could just… be. I wondered whether she was sad. I did not ask. She was so composed that I did not even feel sympathetic. Nobody would be able to guess she was upset. Was she?

I forgot about it as soon as Rose and Amby got back. 

Amby took a seat and started, “This girl is so stupid. She tapped that guy in the red hoodie just ’cause he was hot.”

Rose was not laughing though. She spoke seriously, “Girls, let me impart some knowledge. Just-a-tap always works. He turned around. We pretended like we didn’t know who tapped. He introduced himself. See? I didn’t even need a pick-up line.”

Rose was also pretty but next to Amby, not really. I considered myself pretty in India. I had a list of admirers and knew I am someone who can make guys skip a beat. But Amby…whoa. She was on another level. 

“Oh yeah, isn’t that Jake? Jacob from Italy?” Kay asked. 

Rose was hopeful, “You know him? Is he single?”

“I don’t know. Our moms are friends. She told me about him while convincing me to come here,” answered Kay.

Incredulous. Not the Italian part but the fact that Kay had participated. Was she into him? Maybe. Rose might have to back out… Cat-fight? And how the hell did their parents know each other? 

“One of our parents is Lions Cub member. Some have crossed each other’s paths sometimes, I guess. I didn’t know Kay,” Amby answered my questioning eyes.

“None of my parents is from Lions,” I replied in disbelief. 

“Oh, then you must thank your stars for being here,” Kay said.

“Yeah. Anyway, Rich? Desserts? Don’t you keep quiet girl,” Rose threatened.

I looked around and ducked. As if it was some kind of secret. This was fun!

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. In case if you are not happy with the content and/or the images here, please write to me at

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Chapter Four: My Desserts

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