The Rich Trip

Chapter Two | Part II – Camp

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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction: A fictional description of a true story.

– Goodbye to Candida

An introduction to the camp: The Much Awaited Awakening
– Roommate: Rosemary from Finland

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Two Mates Or True Mates?

I went to 141 to find Rosemary there, but it was empty. Her bed had some luggage she must have dropped in the morning. I continued to take in the room. After Candida’s, this was my second home-away-from-home. Well, it looked tidy. So did the washroom. Hmm. I didn’t know what else to check. I was more eager about meeting Rosemary. Where was she? 

“Hei, Richa,” Rosemary flitted inside.

“Hi, Rosemary. Let me help you with that.”

“Hei, Me Rose. Hauska tavata! Kiitos, thank you, the bag just looks heavy.”

Like her name, she brought the fragrance too. Not rose, but some floral perfume. Draped in a leopard-print t-shirt and athletic legs exposed by her shorts, I saw strength. Strikingly attractive, she played it down by wearing no make-up and flat shoes.

I didn’t know why I had created such abnormal anticipation. Why did I think she would be some celebrity or Goddess or something? She was just like anybody else. Okay, not ‘ordinary’, but not having a purple horn either, you know? 

“Veg in Europe… whew, that’s tough. Me veggie too.”

“Oh-My-God Rose, that’s the BEST thing I have heard since I arrived in this Goddam place.”

Hei beibi! Don’t say that!”

We hugged and just like that, the awkwardness disappeared. 

Okay, that was a simple yet smart opener. Why couldn’t I think of that? She was sharp, she had read the campers’ list we got (it mentioned the food preference). Rose and I were the only vegetarians according to it. I’d never been this happy about being a vegetarian. Maybe this was why we were roommates. Hmm. I certainly didn’t mind.

Rose washed the tiredness off her face. She told me she ate fish. That’s not being a vegetarian, I argued. They lived in a coastal area, she defended. She continued talking then.

“Anyway, enough about food. Let’s talk about desserts. Did you like any inside?”

“But the buffet won’t be served for another-” I paused, “Oh – oh. You mean – I get it now – you mean boys. Haha, right. But I didn’t really get a good look at any.”

“No way! I don’t believe you at all. Anyway, come, I’ll show you my temptations. Hey, before that, have you met Amby?”


“Did you notice that chick in the short denim skirt? She was in a black top and had that golden ‘infinity’ locket? The high-heeled leather boots? You must have noticed those tanned muscular legs? Slim and just… perfect. No no, she is not my girlfriend. Haha. All I’m saying is that she’s just too hard to miss. That’s Ambrosia from Ireland. She has not won any beauty pageants… yet. Can you believe it? Can’t she easily be Miss World or something?”

Rose chatted away like we were old friends catching up, “She was like, I’m not interested. Haw,  what a waste. Some girls just take what they got for granted. But thankfully, she is… she is not at all like me. Hahaha! Thank God. But there’s something about her… I don’t know… I still love her. Err, how do I explain this? She is the one reliable goody-goody friend we all have, whom our parents trust more than us, you know? Her father is friends with mine. They became friends when we had gone for such a camp last year to Virginia. So yeah, that’s how I’m here.”

“Of course, I saw her. Who didn’t? I was certain she was a model. I’ll surely ask her about it.”

“Perfect. You can ask her now. Let’s eat and meet, let’s beat this heat.” she chuckled at her lame rhyme. 20 DC was their summer, but not at all hot for me.

Rose was right. I had lied about the desserts. A few guys were clearly attractive. But I had met her barely fifteen minutes ago. Wasn’t it too soon to confess? What if she was a gossiper? She seemed like one. I couldn’t wait to check out her ‘temptations’ though. She seemed like fun. With Rose, the camp had begun blooming. Maybe we could joke about guys every night, I thought dreamily.

Rose was the reason I did not fear being lonely or homesick in the home-away-from-home. Also, I found solace in the fact that she could easily mingle. I did not feel like an ‘outsider’ anymore.

Together, we walked into the dining hall. The morning makeup had been cleared. Podium and danglers were gone. It looked like a regular dining hall now. It will stay this way for the next two weeks, I guessed. Ahead of the reception desk, in that same line, were two elongated buffet tables. Hidden behind was the kitchen. There were 6 white-marble tables with 4 chairs each. Looked cosy. It opened up to a deck. It was like the one I’d been to with Candida when she introduced me to the boat. I had a chance to click pictures here as well. Yay, that thought thrilled me and I stupidly grinned. There were a few tables there as well for outdoor seating. A stage in the corner overlooked those, I guessed it was for live music. A thick wall of window made of glass separated it from the tables inside. 

My nostrils smelled the creamy, cheesy and buttery aroma of light white-sauce pasta. It was satisfying comfort food which made me smile. But my mind was more interested in desserts. I mentally winked. 

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. In case if you are not happy with the content and/or the images here, please write to me at

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Chapter Three: Amby & Desserts

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