The Rich Trip

Chapter Four – Part II | Camp

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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction: A fictional description of a true story.

Previously on The Rich Trip…
– Met the absolutely gorgeous Ambrosia from Ireland
– Met the calm Kaelynn from Germany (Kay – Amby’s roommate)
Rose found Jacob from Italy very.. err… hot (Jake)
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Chapter Four

Was anything real?

Last seen: Having lunch with Rose, Amby and Kay.

When Rose asked me about which guys I found attractive, I didn’t want to keep quiet. I was having too much fun to care about gossips. I liked that Rose could add that blush to my face effortlessly. I answered softly.

“Of course, Stefan (the FCB jersey guy). But he is the obvious kind of a hottie. Meh. Amby is right you know; he is so overrated. Jake is good too, but umm… not so much. You see the guy there in that olive green shirt? He seems… nice, no? Oh, and that one in the grey hoodie too.” 

“Olive shirt guy is Damon. He is from the Czech Republic. He is not just nice. He is yummy!” Amby reported. I didn’t even bother to ask how she knew.

“Totally,” Rose approved, “And the grey one? Really?” 

“Oh – err – Maybe not.”

Her scepticism had influenced me. Yeah, I was gullible.

Charles stood where there was the podium earlier, holding a mike in his hand. 

“Hello! Good afternoon all! The Truman Show, here at 3:30,” he spread arms to point ‘here’, “After that, as you can see in the schedule, there is a salsa workshop for an hour in the basketball court, next to the lake at 6. Those who want to skip the movie can meet us directly there. Thank you, guys. See you.”

“Why show a scary movie on the first day?” Kay wondered aloud. 

“Huh? It’s a light comedy. I don’t mind watching it again,” I said. 

“I haven’t watched it. I’m with you,” Amby joined.

“I have but nah, I don’t want to,” Rose yawned.

“It was scary for me. For two days after watching, I kept thinking my life is not real. And here, at such an exotic camp? No way. This is mad,” Kay explained, innocently wide-eyed. 

Amby and I walked into the dining hall. It was turned into a coy movie hall. If not Truman, I’m going to have a great nap here, I shrugged. The chairs and tables had been removed. Mattresses were laid on the floor. The dark curtains were pulled, giving us more privacy. 

“Hey! Watched this?” Amby found Jake. He seemed so thrilled she had asked. 

“Oh hi. Amby, right? The film you ask? No, but Damon has watched it. My roommate here, he is from Czech,” Jake answered and dragged Damon. 

“Hi,” Damon said unwillingly. 

It seemed like he was forcefully brought there. He managed a smile and continued to ignore us. He was talking to another guy. But I couldn’t ignore him. Or precisely, his intensely smouldering looking face or the perfectly shaped legs his khaki-coloured shorts showed off. He was the tallest there. Whew. 

Kinda rude of him to ignore, but also – kinda hot. Thank God he was not Amby-fied like Jake was. Why did we like the bad boys? Why do they have to look So good?

The guy Damon was speaking to, saw us then. His grin was polite, “Hey Jake. Hi, I’m Ted,”

“Hey Ted, this is Ambrosia from Ireland and Amby, meet Ted from Austria, my music man,” Jake said.

“Hi Ted. This is Richa from India. Er, music man?” Amby asked. 

“Yeah,” replied Jake and continued, “He is the best piano player ever. Ted, show them some videos later, yeah? Guys, you have got to watch them.”

“Jake? Ted? The movie!” Damon called them.

Instantly, we sat. On my left were Damon, Ted and Jake. On my right was Amby. After a minute, Jake soundlessly crawled next to Amby and Damon smothered a laugh. 

While walking out after the film, Amby said to me, “To show this on the first day was a brilliant idea. It sort of affirms what Charles said in the morning. We must not take reality for granted. We should question it. Why are we are chosen?”

Not take for granted? Says the girl who takes her beauty for granted? How contradictory. Well, I didn’t want to argue. Better to talk about the movie.

“We are chosen to achieve something beyond our capacities. To risk it all.”

“No no,” she disagreed. “It is in our capacity, girl. Why would we be here otherwise? We just need to aim higher.”

I had not watched the movie with such depth. It now held a different meaning.  The way Rose brought out the fun side of me, Amby brought out the ambitious one. But why were they the opposites of each other?

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. In case if you are not happy with the content and/or the images here, please write to me at

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