The Rich Trip

Chapter Five | Part II – Camp


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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction
A fictional description of a true story.

Previously on The Rich Trip…
– Amby and I watched The Truman Show

– Jake (Rose’s crush was crushing on Amby)
and Damon were roommates
I began crushing on Damon
(from the Czech Republic)

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Chapter Five
Sway To Salsa

MusicOn, GameOn, DamOn

Last seen: Watched The Truman Show with Amby.

Amby and I were walking towards the basketball court for the dance workshop. I could hear a peal of merry laughter behind us. It clearly belonged to Damon and Jake. After the intense Truman discussion with Amby, the salsa workshop was surely going to lighten our moods. I was looking forward to it.

The basketball court was speckless. Tony and Lynda, the campers who were also locals, were leading the salsa session. Lynda stood confidently. A gym bag was lying next to her, she wore gym shoes too.

“A total fitness freak, that one,” I whispered to Amby.

Tony, on the other hand, was nervous. He shakily waved, all the time holding on to his chair. Tall and lanky, yes. But not as fit as Lynda. 

“Hi, guys!” Lynda grinned widely, exhibiting all her teeth. “Everyone, gather around,” she clapped. “All girls, count 1 to 7. 8 is me. Boys will do the same. For you guys, 8 is Tony. Then 1 will pair with 1 and so on. Got it? I will be guiding the angles here. Remember, this salsa workshop is just for fun.”

Yes, salsa did sound fun. We were huddled in a group. My number was 3. Me, like all the other girls, waited for the boys to count.

It felt like I was noticing my #3 for the first time. He was taller than everybody. He was stunningly lean, in great shape. I could see his collar bones and muscles through the shirt. He had rolled up the sleeves till elbows, I am a sucker for that. And he had just smiled at Jake in conversation. Oh no, I was going to faint. His light brown sneakers, slightly unbuttoned linen shirt – all just worked. I’m no fashion guru but I know when I see a guy who knows what he’s doing. And his legs were the most appealing part of his body. They were so graceful. He was definitely involved in a sport or dance or something. He was not blonde and creamy skinned like others. He was wheatish, super-tanned and had short black hair. Tall, dark and handsome. Literally.

1. Rose – Jake

2. Kay – Matt

3. Me – Damon

4. Amby – Ted

5. Amy – Stefan

6. Maria – Mark

7. Bao – Chris

8. Lynda – Tony

Like everybody, I tried to focus on Lynda and Tony. They demonstrated the basic steps. The moment they asked us to try the steps, I was ready. The steps looked easy.

But I will be holding hands with Damon.
Oh My God. Damon.
Let me make sure they are not sweaty.
I quickly wiped them on my black shorts.

Music began and we got into positions. Damon took my hands in his and our eyes met. Surprisingly, I could focus. I was not an open-mouthed, wide-eyed idiot. I began to sway. Damon glanced appreciatively. After the basic introductions, he asked.

“Didn’t you come with Amby for the movie today?” He looked around before continuing, “Sorry for being so direct, but this camp is not forever.”

“Right, yeah. No, don’t be sorry. I get it.”

I nodded, masking what I felt by keeping a composed face. I knew Amby was not interested and I hated her for putting me in this position. I will let him down gently… and maybe he will see me as a completely different person… and maybe this will be a grand love story where he started by Amby and later realised that I was a gem of a person… and maybe we will laugh about it while kissing...
Why was he so handsome? It wasn’t fair.

Damon disturbed my daydream, “My roommate there, Jake, he saw you were my partner and I promised him to ask you if Amby’s single. But now, hold that thought. He seems to be enjoying himself with his dance partner.”

Together, we surveyed Rose and Jake. Damon was right, Jake did seem to fancy Rose.

Lynda applauded loudly, interrupting us, “Great going, guys. You did the basics and the sides. Now, let’s learn to turn and do the classic.”

It was SO difficult to take the dancing lesson seriously and to keep a straight face while dancing with Damon. Now that Amby was out of the way, I began to daydream of a new story…

“Where did you vacation recently? Sorry, the tan is so distracting,” out of nowhere, I brazenly asked Damon.

“Ah, the tan always invites this question. No, I am a water polo player.”

Ohhh… right. That made perfect sense. So he swam and he played.
The legs, the muscles, the tan. Oh my…

I knew Rose and I were going to have a lot to talk about that night.

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. In case if you are not happy with the content and/or the images here, please write to me at

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