The Rich Trip

Chapter Eight

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Our journeys are stories of our own.
This is mine and I’ve allowed some of these points to stand, in spite of being corrected.
It’s not a guidebook or marketing piece for the Sunday paper.

It is semi-fiction: A fictional description of a true story.

– Candida promptly decided to buy a new bulb and change it herself
– I travelled in their metro and accompanied her to the supermarket

– Met Karen and Clay at Nina’s place for dinner (Candida’s cousin)
– Learned about amazing new jobs that were available
– Felt trapped in the job I had

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Eighth Wonder


Sipping coffee at Nina’s place

Coffee after a meal was a strange idea to me. However, today, I want to be a part of the group. Just to not feel left out, you know? Moreover, I didn’t mind being in the company of Karen. In retrospect, good I did. I’d have never learnt about those unusual kinds of jobs. I’ve been blaming my upbringing and culture for not letting me try. How long will I blame? Isn’t it time to stop blaming and start doing? We need some kind of guidance, though. Maybe this could be that? Maybe. 

“Hey hey hey. Great news! Didn’t you wanna meet Adam? He’s gonna be here. Wow! Be ready to leave, yeah? I’m just grabbing my bag.” Candida screamed joyously. She was halfway inside the balcony door but her legs were still outside. Shoelaces tied and shirt tucked in neatly.

Oh my God! Yay! Telepathy does exist. I was looking forward to meeting Candida’s son who had agreed to lend me his room. No, not because he was easy on the eyes (which he was, according to the pictures). It puzzled me how he kept his calm when his world was falling apart (parents getting divorced).

We hugged everyone goodbye. I hugged Karen twice. She was somebody I would be in touch with, I decided. Somebody, who radiated the feeling of warmth by making them feel loved. Clay was helping Nina clear the table and Karen had taken Tiger, their dog, for a walk. I could hear Candida talking to her mother on the phone.

“…Adam is coming to drop us off…Yeah, he’s so glad he is getting to meet Richa…I hope Karen makes it in time…He can’t wait to catch up with Nina and Clay as well…Yeah…Evelyn’s dad has lent his car…have told Richa to go downstairs…”

I was leaning against a parked blue car as I was waiting for Candida, Nina, Karen, Clay and Adam. I reminded myself to not bombard Adam with questions about his parents. I certainly would not have done that normally. I am not so good at opening conversations. I don’t even tell a lot. As they say, never reveal all cards in the first game. However, I was not going to have another game. So, that made this an exception and I had to get as much out of him as possible. I was calculating my questions. Their sum depended heavily on his responses. If he showed any signs of discomfort, I decided to quit. After Candida’s reveal though, I didn’t think he would be. I was still alert. This was a sensitive issue and not something to be discussed in the first (and the only) meet.

Adam’s car came into view. I was too focused on planning my line of questions to notice how happy the family looked. I anyway knew that was deceptive. People’s ‘showing’ and ‘being’, are poles apart. Adam’s more than six feet of lean physique smiled down at me. Not athletic like his father, but with Evelyn, he could make onlookers jealous.

How did he manage to begin a serious relationship when he was himself going through an emotional turmoil? I should not ask him about that in front of his mother. Although they looked relaxed, I won’t ask. I have my manners.

After Adam checked whether Candida and I were comfortably seated in the car, he continued talking to Candida. 

“Yes, mom. Andrew is doing fine, don’t you worry. I told him you and Phil are fine, too. And hey Richa, he says hi to you,” Adam said. He looked so…okay with all this. How!?

Maybe that’s what it is. Okay. Just okay. Maybe I am the only one magnifying it so much. I need to look at it like the way he does. In a detached manner. How did he make it look so uncomplicated? They are his parents, right!? Is he faking this? He has spoken about his dad and Candida’s current boyfriend. Unintentionally making it easier for me to broach the topic.

“So sweet. Hi to him too. Hey Adam, er… how do you do it? How can you be so cool with all this?”

Too direct and too quick, I know. But this wasn’t a long drive. I just hoped he understood my question correctly. I didn’t want to repeat and/or explain more. It would have gotten more awkward for me than it already was. This much bravery was enough!

“Hmm? With what? Mom and dad?” Adam seemed genuinely surprised. His tone was incomprehensible, I didn’t know if it was pleasant.

Shit. Had I said something I shouldn’t have? Nah. Don’t think so.

Adam’s eyes were glued to the road. They remained unmoved like it didn’t even matter. I simply nodded.

“Irreverence,” he saw my quizzical face and quickly continued, “I use that for my writing. You might also give it a try. It’s a unique, powerful and an extremely useful tool. It’s a tool to look at things in the third person. Objectively. I keep telling mom and Eve to practice it too,” he shook his head.

Again, how could he look so calm? Has he practiced this or are his facial muscles just fixed there?

“What does that mean?” I asked him again.


“Er. I took a step back. I looked at them as two separate individuals. Not as mom and dad. Then, I did what I could to help them.” Adam spoke to me like I was a 9 years old child.

He said it like he was talking about the weather. Wouldn’t all our problems be resolved if we look at people like that? Without the attached relationship?

“And what helped your parents at such a troubled time?”

I am not done with Adam. I am gonna dig deeper, as much as I could.

“Letting them be. Oh and, not being a disturbed child.”

Disturbed child? Like a drug addict or something? That was such bullshit. How can anyone plan those things? Don’t they just happen? Was he simply showing off?

“You were that mature? Candida must be so proud!”

Hah. I did not mean it like a taunt. Nobody respected this dude more than I did. This was just unbelievable. How can divorces be that Routine?

“No no. I did not do it intentionally and yeah, they are both proud. I hope.” Adam laughed.

Did he just – ? Did he just Laugh? How’s he doing this? I am the only one crazy here it seems. What-the-hell?

Candida was listening intently and was prompt to answer his unasked question, “Undoubtedly,” she beamed.

Wha – what? What’s going on?

“Thanks, baby. Safe and smooth,” Candida hugged Adam after we got home.

Mother thanking a son for a ride home? I have never seen that happen, ever. I know there are millions of such ‘broken family’ stories, but this one I experienced for the first time. If I was making a list of wonders of the world, I will add Adam. I wish I had at least 10% of his bravado. The camp is yet to come, but could this trip be any more amazing?

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Den Nionde Mood

Second last day with Candida. But what’s with the new mood?

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