Veni, vidi, vici.

Shopping in Milan, scuba-diving in Croatia and most importantly — a bachelorette party! Aren’t these crazy, wild and giggly nights responsible for some of our best memories and for making the journey of Ms. to Mrs. thrilling? One day, I want to honestly say, ‘I made it’, and for those three tiny words, I had been working relentlessly for a multiple-entry Schengen visa.

Oh, I would be lying if I said it is easy. It  is not some rocket-science either. I got enough help. I had missed work to spend the morning in the visa office. I was pleasantly surprised to see how organized it is, not Monica-organized but India-organized! I had worked meticulously so that all my required documents were in order. Night before my appointment, I checked and rechecked, made my father check and recheck.

And yet.

At the counter, I had one vital document missing. I was terrified. The warmth of dawn’s rosy glow was replaced by the chill of savage darkness. Let’s take a moment to experience it, shall we? Imagine the tingling sound of a saucer smashing on a tall brick wall. Yes, that one. Pause. Now close your eyes and play it. Kudos! You have successfully managed to transport yourself in a teeny-tiny area of my mind. Where were we? Ah, the counter. The VFS-lady (visa-lady at the counter) and I frantically began checking my heap of documents. But as expected, no eureka for us. Gloomily, I walked away.

I can now boast that I took the best decision of my life — I quietly sat. Staying calm is a super power and I am proud to have mastered it. While sitting, I drilled my brain. I did not waste time wondering where it went, I reasonably tried to discover a solution. It was so simple I laugh at it now but in that moment, I was trapped. I had to get one mail, one print-out. So I ran like a gazelle, like my life depended on it.

Imagine writing the last word of the last exam paper, right before a mangolicious vacation. Such was my relief when I walked out of there.

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Very well written, Richa. Loved the vivid descriptions of horror. Most travel stories focus on the place or the adventures in a foreign land. Enjoyed reading this one because it was refreshingly different.

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