The Most Effective Solution

The favourite night of the week had arrived, the Saturday night. Sunaina knew she could afford the luxury of uninterrupted sleep. Next morning, there would be no pauses to it from either her mom’s or the phone’s alarm for office. She was unaware that she was about to stumble upon a brilliant solution to her life’s biggest puzzle. Sprawled across the mattress, she hugged her beloved supple, refreshingly red, an upside-down spade-shaped cushion. Sunaina was all ready to surrender herself to the magnificent melody of dreams.  

However, her mind conceived the gory image of Hannah Baker lying in the bath-tub with a furious knife. ‘13 reasons why’ was the psychotic show she was binging upon. Yes, ‘psychotic’, you read it right. The lead actress, Hanna Baker, had committed suicide and was narrating the terribly troublesome details of why she had to. The story created a strange curiosity beyond the disturbance of ‘death’. 

Hannah mentioned the most unique epitaph ever. They were two words, ‘Don’t Try’ by Charles Bukowski. Such ridiculous advice to writers like herself, Sunaina thought. Those two words left her perplexed. She wondered what could have been the message behind such a renowned, yet pessimistic remark. She sat up straight and Googled Charles Bukowski. This is what she found out – he is Heinrich Karl Bukowski (Hank – August 16, 1920, to March 9, 1994); he was a German-born American poet, novelist, and short-story writer. 

Sunaina did not understand what ‘Don’t try’ meant. She was glad it was 3 in the morning. Her phone had stopped vibrating. She resolved to dig more about that haunting epitaph when her mother knocked on the door. She babbled sleepily in Marathi, “Oh God, You still watching that idiotic suicide show? What am I going to do with you!” She then strutted away, muttering inaudible phrases meaning the same. Sunaina dove to switch the room’s light off so keep her mother distant and in hushed tones, continued her research on ‘Don’t try’. 

A moment later, she was introduced to the late author’s wife, Linda Bukowski. Linda demystified that baffling legend. She quoted, “Don’t try, do. Because if you’re spending your time trying something, you’re not doing it… DON’T TRY.” Sunaina has just discovered his secret to writing a successful story.

Charles Bukowski revealed it better in a letter he wrote, “What do you do? How do you write, create? You don’t try. That’s very important: ‘not’ to try, either for Cadillacs, creation, or immortality. There’s been too much direction. It’s all free, we needn’t be told. Writing is as easy as beating your meat or drinking a bottle of beer.”

Sunaina was immensely indebted to ‘13 reasons why’ for letting her know about Charles Bukowski. She did not watch it that night. She didn’t want to TRY being a writer. She wanted to do it. She opened Microsoft Word and began to type. 


An Ad Girl’s Evening In Mumbai

Discover how she juggles between the two extremely different chaotic environments of a ‘college’ and ‘office’.

Let’s begin in 2020.

I was taught that people might not remember the words they read; however, they remember how they made them feel. Advertising densely relies on these emotions.  I write for them, for the brands and most importantly, for the company I’m working for. I went to a bunch of good universities to study this craft. Brands have their guidelines and they are investing in them. Writing is how I can express myself unconditionally and improving it is my aim. So, my dream began by stumbling upon the creative writing workshop. What’s more? It was right next to my college!

Already working as a copywriter at one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies,  managing time is one of my biggest challenges. In order to venture into this course, I had an additional challenge. I had to calculate the travel-time needed for this course. Imagine a book with four corners A,B,C and D. From point A (office), I had to go to point B (station). From there, to point C (course) and finally, to D (home). On a Monday in peak hours of the evening and in Mumbai, this can be simply stated in three letters, OMG!

Now, let’s imagine the same scenario with a twist!

For that, we need to become ten years younger. How I wish! Sigh.

If I had to venture into this course then, it would have been a journey with a different perspective, a freer one. To those points you imagined, I would have added points E, F and G! E being Marine drive, F being Metro Theatre and G might be my friend’s place nearby. With some more plans for the night after. I wasn’t chasing time. It didn’t matter if I overslept or dozed off during the lectures. This joyride can be stated in three letters WOW!

This is the price I pay for today’s corporate success.

Words are all I have




Shooting Stars


We have begun.

More sights are to be seen.

More experiments are to be conducted.

More awards are to be won.

More dreams are to be realized.

There is always more.

Things are about to get crazy.

Things are about to change.

We are about to make history.

Dawn is coming. Open your eyes.

Stars are falling. All for us.

Now read from bottom to top.


The BFF Wedding Song 08.12.2018

Years don’t build friendships,
experiences do.
Travel doesn’t either,
Different beds do!

From the box-room bed,
to the sea-facing one.
From the Tarkarli-beach bed,
to Bangalore’s White Collar one.

From the typical bedroom’s bed,
to the hospital one.
From Milan’s grand bed,
to many more to come.

These beds have brought us ahead.
And now you will be a newly-wed,
when every day will bring
a new issue to head.

But it can never break
our friendship’s thread.
It can never break
our friendship’s thread.


Don’t Try

Once upon a time, I came across an intensely moving quote:

Don’t try, do. Because if you’re spending your time trying something, you’re not doing it… DON’T TRY.

–          Linda Bukowski (Charles Bukowski’s wife)

That created great curiosity in me about who Charles Bukowski is.

Words are all I have

Birthday wishes for dad (04.11.2018)



You & I
define love at first sight.
But as we got older,
our each conversation
turned into a fight.
However be our mindset,
we managed to convert
our every but into yet.
Do words do justice
to that love & that care?
Of course, they don’t.
‘Tis that rare.
Although you did your best,
you’ll have to live
in an empty nest.
Not eternal, not fair
such is the life that we bear.

Happy Birthday



My magical words make a living
but you, my darling,
have left me mumbling.

In this super-fast life,
let’s stay side-by-side
and ride.

Endlessly we may roam
and yet,
we always come home.

When we discuss countless guys,
time flies.
But loyalty never dies.

How-much-ever sour
our relationship might go,
we will still grow.

Let’s soar the sky
without being judgemental,
or asking why.

I hope we remain best pals,

till we’re lil old ladies!




More than a decade, and yet,
always there. 
Millions of highs and lows, and yet,
always there. 

My stability is her,
my strength is her,
my 'significant other' is her, 
my star is her. 

As she unites with her 'happily ever after',
I cannot be happier. 
And I know December '18 cannot be merrier,
'cause of their infectious laughter.

The happy tears in my eyes
want to see her soar the infinite skies. 
In every tomorrow's surprise,
rise, my love, rise.