An Ad Girl’s Evening In Mumbai

Discover how she juggles between the two extremely different chaotic environments of a ‘college’ and ‘office’.

Let’s begin in 2020.

I was taught that people might not remember the words they read; however, they remember how they made them feel. Advertising densely relies on these emotions.  I write for them, for the brands and most importantly, for the company I’m working for. I went to a bunch of good universities to study this craft. Brands have their guidelines and they are investing in them. Writing is how I can express myself unconditionally and improving it is my aim. So, my dream began by stumbling upon the creative writing workshop. What’s more? It was right next to my college!

Already working as a copywriter at one of the fastest-growing advertising agencies,  managing time is one of my biggest challenges. In order to venture into this course, I had an additional challenge. I had to calculate the travel-time needed for this course. Imagine a book with four corners A,B,C and D. From point A (office), I had to go to point B (station). From there, to point C (course) and finally, to D (home). On a Monday in peak hours of the evening and in Mumbai, this can be simply stated in three letters, OMG!

Now, let’s imagine the same scenario with a twist!

For that, we need to become ten years younger. How I wish! Sigh.

If I had to venture into this course then, it would have been a journey with a different perspective, a freer one. To those points you imagined, I would have added points E, F and G! E being Marine drive, F being Metro Theatre and G might be my friend’s place nearby. With some more plans for the night after. I wasn’t chasing time. It didn’t matter if I overslept or dozed off during the lectures. This joyride can be stated in three letters WOW!

This is the price I pay for today’s corporate success.

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Very refreshing perspective on juggling between work and life. I liked the way it was presented. It is worth sharing on all social networking channels. I know how difficult it is to shuffle between personal and professional space. Only a Mumbaikar can relate to this situation.


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