Just Do It

I hate it how you’re born out of nowhere, forced to go to school

And get an education so that you can get a job.

What if I wanted to be a duck!?

Okay, not exactly that but you sometimes must have had or will have a similar thought. The pointlessness of everything, you know? Or you must be going right now, ‘Oh yeah! Absolutely!’ Hey that can happen, but we are not ducks.

What comes after is something I wish was told to me earlier and you will too. But, better late than never, right? So, here it is: ‘Life’s not fair. We get no say in the world we are born into. We don’t decide our names or religion, not where we come from. We don’t decide if we have a place we can call home. Our families might have to leave the country. Yeah, it’s messed up. We don’t decide how the world judges a person like us.’

Ew! Nobody wishes to live with so much negativity. So, are we trapped? I have been puzzling myself for a couple of decades and… eureka! We can escape this madness. Not by carelessly quacking away. We are human beings and we will rise. We don’t decide how our story begins. But, we do get to decide how it ends. There is one thing you cannot give or take from someone. It is the fire – the fire in your belly. All you need to do is ignite, which is the beginning of anything you want. That little spark may burst into a fire that lies deep within you and suddenly everything is possible.

Don’t stop. Don’t wait until you have reached your goal and proudly take steps towards it. Your goal might seem to be like soup right now and you might be a fork. But you didn’t come this far for nothing, did you? On one hand, sleeping without setting the alarm clock does mean happiness but on the other, it also means sleeping without having a purpose. And you’ll agree that none of us want to wake up as ‘mediocre’. So, set a goal. A goal that makes you jump out the bed every morning. A goal that is so meaningful that it creates a drive inside you. A drive to become better and stronger.

And one day she discovered that she was fierce,

And strong and full of fire,

And that not even she could hold herself back,

Because her passion burned brighter than her fears.


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