Alfred, where art thou?

“Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.”
– Alfred

Making of a superhero always intrigues me. Will Batman exist without Alfred’s eternal belief in him? It made me realise that we are all born heroes hunting for Alfreds. Disappointment enclosed me, as discovering Alfred seemed impossible. Life mischievously winked. Its evil being unfair strategy was working. It was hammered into my mind that it needs to be occupied. I quarrelled, spent, and did absolutely nothing. I can very well imagine why my darlings lost it. I had wasted enough time to pause my career. From that darkness, Batman made me experience serendipity. That frightened toddler battling bats in the well was my eureka moment. I was certain dawn will greet my thirsty eyes. I hoped that my words will be the blithe wings I oh-so-desperately needed.

I won them but unfortunately, those wings didn’t make me fly. Sigh. I stayed in the gloomy mannequin challenge reading Eat pray love and watching Queen. It triggered my curiosity towards travel. How adventures in another country will solve my problems fascinated me. I ignored the exorbitant prices of France, Italy, America, and Spain. Coming to my senses, I flew to Goa. Importantly, in order to substitute the bitter memories that place held. Covertly, I prayed for that.

The infinite ocean embraced my every mammoth: from heartbreak to disabilities. The rhythm of waves, which set my soul free, demystified that limitless love towards them. Now they have replaced Lord Ganesha and sea has replaced temple for me! Melody of slight ripples, aroma of our magnetic moana and caressing snowy sand made me discern Goa like never before. Although the return was depressing, it inspired me with a fabulous thought. The way cars turn into ants in a birdseye view, am I magnifying my problems too?

I brought fresh glasses from Goa, which enable me to perceive life uniquely. I: We do not have time to waste, I did that, a lot! And II: We augment every petty problem: from weight to hair loss! Now my troubles are gradually evaporating. Isn’t that something all of us seek? Achieving sainthood is beyond our capacity! There are million such art of living books as well, which have failed us. So why don’t we try these wonderful glasses now?

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These words are really the glasses which are making my thoughts clearer!!!

Thank you 🙂

Thank you 🙂

I appreciate your honest sharing. Ultimately one’s OWN EXPERIENCE ONLY CAN TEACH LESSONS OF

LIFE. Use it for your bright future, yet to come.

Love n blessings

Thank you 🙂
Love you too <3

These are some great words of wisdom.
Looking forward to read more. ☺️

Thank you 🙂

It made me sad to see that this was the last post. Waiting for more Richa 🙂

Batman is really inspiring super hero compared to the dumb avengers. Especially Alfred the butler who guides Bruce Wayne to overcome his fear. I loved Batman begins movie and consider it is an inspiring movie. We all do need a mentor or support system to pull us through our bad times. This write up is really uplifting. We magnify our problems through our chaotic thoughts. Traveling helps one to come back with a new mindset.

Very believable and motivational thought conveyed through this blog post.


Done reading the 1st.
Liked it !

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