Guest author Poem

I Am Not Well

There is no good morning,

There is no hello.

There’s no smile,

There’s nothing good.

For, I’m not well.


I’m not well because,

I’m not ‘feeling’ well.

This feeling in sleep I forget,

This feeling in entertainment I sidestep,

Fact is, I’m not well.


No thought, no attitude, no philosophy

Lessens my misery.

My world is washroom,

Kitchen and bedroom.

Because, I am not well.


To smile is painful,

To talk is difficult.

To work is punishment,

To die is bliss.

Friend, I’m not well.

– Guest

Guest author Poem

Return Never

I got up quietly.
I thought she will pull my hand,
Make me sit instantly.
Ahead, I moved.
Waiting for her hand on my shoulder .
To stop me as she could.
I walked,
Hoping to hear “Don’t leave.”
And my path blocked.
No tear, no uproar, no shiver
None to implore.
I walked away to return never.
– Guest
Guest author Poem

Why cry?

In the darkness of the theater,
Should I hold back my tears?
Route them through nostrils
And choke the sobs others hear?
In the darkness of the theater,
Gush out my tears
Coming from tales of pains,
Hidden in the past I couldn’t bear?
– Guest