Brains, beauty and badass determination

Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

– J. K. Rowling

I believe everything that occurs (good and bad) teaches and prepares us for the next stage of life. Join the dots, you will realise nothing is wasted (Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford Commencement Address). We cannot rewind (I wished that multiple times post my accident: I & II), but we can turn the page. Be careful to not slam the book though, it is not the end. Like me, if life is bringing you the darkest nights, dawn will certainly greet those thirsty eyes.

Yes, I mention darkness over and over again. Even you must have been thrown in the dark at some point in life or maybe it’s in present tense. But I also keep saying there will be light, because it is within. The following story might help. I went to visit a friend once. She was detected with cancer three years ago, which miraculously healed. Now she has developed metastasis in spine. A gorgeous doctor practicing in USA is now lying in bed with hair cut unevenly. After seeing that she can’t even stand up, I got over my complex of walking unsteadily and gaining some kilos (I haven’t given up). I simply feel grateful for my next breath and legs (however they walk), that take me places. I am capable of planning holidays!

Every coin has two sides is a cliché for a powerful reason. My loved ones and I went through a really dangerous phase couple of years ago. We are making a comeback (little by little). My achievements now are something that were missing in my lifespan of twenty-five years. We must prefer thinking about our present and future rather than crying over our past (what’s gone is gone). I am fully aware that letting go is most difficult but essential. Attachment is a bitch! But we can try.

Once upon a time we were told, “You are living like frogs.” Dad and I couldn’t comprehend. He (our family friend) offered elaboration looking at our oh-so-puzzled faces. “There is a world outside your pond. You don’t live in a city,” he dared honesty. Unfortunately, it is true. We indulge in our problem too much to notice other’s. Are we really urban and educated individuals from twentieth century?

We are stars wrapped in skin; the light you are looking for has always been within.

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