The Sunrise In A Lockdown

Discover a new way to look at the sunrise.

Discover a new way to look at the sunrise.

If the sunrise represents a ‘new beginning’, do we ‘begin again’, daily? Especially, when we visit the ‘sunrise point’? What if I say, you don’t see them? What if I say, you are blind? 

We are reading this, you may argue.

Maybe the sun is blinding you? I argue back.

Are there any ‘new beginnings’?  Aren’t you tired of the same office, same colleagues, same boss, same routine?

(Hey, not the same loved ones! *laughs*)

If adventure lies in every day, where is it? What’s new? This lockdown might be getting gloomy but hey, it is neither mental nor natural.

Don’t look at the sunrise. FEEL it. Feel the ‘new beginning’.  

This realisation blew my mind!

Was this short and sweet comeback in the lockdown productive? Let me know in your comments below.

By Richa Koparday

Xavierite | Mican

6 replies on “The Sunrise In A Lockdown”

Once again a real comeback from the rich diaries..
Makes me remember of a saying ‘yesterday is a history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift which is why its called as present’. The post conveys a beautiful message that everyone cant see but everyone can feel and one must feel the rise within.☺️❣️

Thats inspiring indeed now on I will look n feel the new beginning @ Sunrise.

Very well written optimistic blog post on life in the wake of lockdown. The idea of sunrise and sunset is beautifully integrated in the thought behind the blogpost.

Happy writing

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