Imagination: An Antidote To Reality

Five friends were at my place last night.


One of them told us that his building is going for redevelopment. It was a piece of great news. I had heard good news after a long time. Currently, he lives in a 1BHK, with wife, mother and sister. He booked a 2BHK then. which was perfect. They needed privacy, and rightly so. When asked about his sister’s marriage, his immediate reaction was, “What? No way. Not right now. Who will pay the EMIs for the house?” Ouch! Haha, I realised how people are kinda stuck. He had to go to work on a Sunday as well. It was heart-breaking.

2 and 3

Another friend of mine is married to a guy she loved. They are both high school sweethearts. Instead of talking about love and romance, they were discussing family problems. Well, I have my own and I did not want to discuss it.


Another friend is moving to a new house. He was talking about furniture and mattress.


Another one did not talk much.


I was talking about a movie I was watching – The Intern (I love it, do check it out  – it’s on Prime).

That got me thinking about how to get out of it? And I am somebody who has heard millions of motivational things. To be honest, they seem to be just words. And you know the hard truth? It does not work that way. How much I enjoyed discussing things that were not real! Maybe movies and books work because of that. They give us the much-needed break. I personally did not like Slumdog Millionaire. Many Indians did not. Too close to reality. Too close. I’d rather watch three good-looking guys in Spain. So, let’s create an extraordinary reality, one that will help us return. We have that choice. Let’s make it.

If a poverty-stricken single mother imagined a little boy who discovers of his being a famous wizard, so can we.

Imagine, I mean.

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