Because fairy tales don’t give us the whole truth…

*Ding dong!*

*Ding dong!*

*Ding dong!*

If only I could murder the inventor of such deafening doorbells! Isn’t it pretty rude to keep somebody waiting though? I wobbled towards the hefty wooden door. What greeted me is a sight that is imprinted on my mind till today.

“Happy birthday!” she hugged.

“Wow Ma! I expected a call last night. So I assumed you forgot,” I murmured, crestfallen. “Alone?” I continued as I searchingly looked for my father.

“Dad is getting luggage. Go on, I’ll wait here,” she assured.

I darted across the room to kick my boyfriend, whose more than six feet of physique was peacefully sprawled across my bed in comfy boxer shorts.

“Whaa?” he sleepily stammered.

“Get moving! My parents are here,” I instructed firmly but my eyes gave away my horror. Within a minute, he was fully dressed and ready to battle! I could effortlessly figure the fright in his seductive light brown eyes.

“Breathe. They know about us and it’s my birthday,” I was confidently trying to gather all my might. I mouthed ‘let’s do this’ and gripped his arm.

“Happy birthday, sweetie!” My father’s eyes did not flinch even a millimetre on spotting him next to me. I was certain he predicted this.

“We oldies interrupting your lunch plan, eh?” he cautiously enquired.

“Don’t worry. We see each other all the time,” I brazenly lied. It was Monday.

“Let’s have lunch together?” I dared without consulting my boyfriend but they travelled overnight for me so it felt like it was the right thing to do.

“Absolutely! What do you feel like having?” He addressed nobody in particular. I wasn’t sure whether he was genuinely excited or trying to save the day. Anyway, I was simply glad.

More than forty months have passed, but I am still baffled. I don’t know what is worse: shock that this happened or the knowledge that it will never happen again? I also do not know whether it’s foolish of me to try, hope and stay when everybody is asking me to move on. When I know he showed bravery but is probably tired now. When I know he is in a faraway land… Sometimes, we get to meet the loves of our lives. If that happens, nothing better than to focusing on your well-being. Isn’t that what your Big Love would want? I am grateful that I got to be with mine and not whining about not getting to keep it. This is why we discover a new story behind every breakup. Apparently, love cannot conquer all (illness, varied dreams, the list goes on). That is exactly what fairy tales brilliantly hide from us.

But it also means that they exist, doesn’t it? Maybe you are in one right now or maybe you haven’t discovered the best yet. We must relax and trust the timing of our lives.  We will figure out our careers and right relationships then. We will be whom we always wanted to be. Meanwhile, let’s not forget to appreciate who we are right now.

Believe in chivalry, romance and love again.

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“I also do not know whether it’s foolish of me to try, hope and stay when everybody is asking me to move on.” It’s not foolish… I guess it’s natural to stay where v r at peace but moving on is inevitable and had to be done I guess…. Great ?

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